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My main character!

Name: Alec Spence-Walker
Age: 17; turns 18 during the story.
Birthday: January 12, 2842; Earth time
Birth place/ current residence: Born on Earth; lives in a city on Mars (current year: 2859-60)
Appearance: He has black/dark brown hair that is cut like a crew cut, only longer. He's 5'7" and about 170-180 lbs (Earth lbs)*. He's kind of short and stocky. He has relatively dark skin, but so does everyone on Earth, because of intermarrying over the centuries. Brown eyes.
Real family: Alec's father, Mick Berger**, left him and Alec's mother before Alec was born. Mick Berger is a very important man on Earth; he runs all sorts of underground black market type things, and has some secret dealings with the government. He is in all ways the businessman. He cares about no one except for himself. He can be just as manipulative as Alec, and he's usually better at it. Almost everything he does is highly illegal, but no one seems to care. Of the two antagonists, he is the more "evil" one.
Alec's mother, Mary Spence, is the cliché wonderful mother. She dies of some disease when Alec is eleven. There's an obvious reason her name is Mary. She only matters in that she is dead. Alec's real parents were not married; they were just a fling. He has no blood siblings.
Adoptive family: (Last name: Walker) He has two adoptive siblings: Adam, 13, and Becky, 8. His adoptive parents, Samantha and Marshall, love him very much and whatnot. He's almost spoiled. Although they treat him as though he were their real son, he's really rather indifferent to them. To him, they're just some more "rich people who donate money to the 'plight of the poor kid' to look good to their neighbors." Although they do want to look good to the neighbors, they genuinely care; and Alec actually is grateful, though not as grateful as they think he should be. He has one adoptive cousin, named Charley (a girl), 16. His adoptive family doesn't matter too much. Charley matters, though.
Worst fear and why: Ghosts and zombies and stuff. Mysterious things that have no explanation. He's pretty superstitious. He's scared of the dark and shadows. He's not really that scared of scary people that might be lurking behind dumpsters, but rather the things he thinks aren't people, and he doesn't know what they are. Because when he was young he always used to go out on errands with his mother (and sometimes alone), and as often as not it was very dark. Young children have vivid imaginations, and he never quite got rid of his.
Greatest desire and why: To be able to be lazy with no consequences. He wants to kick back and relax, not have to worry about, or be responsible for, anything. Everything in his life he's had to work for, even at the Walkers' they wouldn't let him totally slack off. He thinks he deserves a vacation from life.
Personality: He's cocky and arrogant and the tough guy. And he can defend himself if need be. Out of the main characters he has the sharpest wit and the quickest comebacks. He's usually either quiet and moody, or totally off the wall. He can have fun with the best of them (and often gets in trouble), but when he's not in the mood, almost nothing can get him to smile. When he gets to know people he can really care about them, but he always puts himself first. It's not that he's selfish (well, sometimes he is), but because of his experiences living on the street, he knows that personal survival is the most important thing. In fact, he is the way he is in most aspects of his personality because of living on the street. One needs to be quick and smart to survive on the street, and he survived very well. He does whatever needs to be done in order to get what he wants or needs: lying, manipulating people, being mean, being nice, telling the truth, etc. However, his manipulation only works when he can tell what someone's weakness is, and he can only tell what someone's weakness is if it's very obvious. He likes everything to be organized and predictable, and just cannot work under pressure. He goes to pieces if he doesn't know what to do or what's going on, and he tries to hide this fact by being irritable and mean to people. He does not like meeting people who are smarter than him, and there are quite a few.
History up to the time the story starts: He was born on Earth. Before he was born his father disappeared (not mysteriously, though; he left them). He and his mother were evicted from their apartment when he was seven, and so they lived on the street. His mother died when he was eleven from malnutrition, and so he lived on the street by himself until he was fifteen (though, not totally by himself, because of course he had friends and whatnot to help take care of him), when the police picked him up and put him in a foster home. (Of course, he had had many run-ins with the police before that, but the government had recently changed administrations, and the police had to crack down. Even though he was already pretty old when the police picked him up, the new administration was going through some sort of "Save the Children!" thing, and he was still considered a child.)*** His foster family was a rich family living in the capitol of Mars. They were very loving and whatnot. He liked being rich and always having food, shelter, and clothing, but he missed his friends from Earth.

*This will most likely be converted into metric for the actual story, but I can't picture how metric looks, so in the character sheet it's English measurements.
**Yes, this name is on purpose. I haven't yet decided if it's too much.
***Goes into more detail in a separate word document.
Note: Mick Berger and Charley Walker each get their own character sheet.

You're a Summer. You're just a ball of energy that
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be realistic when needed. You always hope for
the best to turn out and many times they do.
Sometimes though, you let your temper get the
best of you but you apologize as soon as you
can because you hate people being angry with
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The Changeling
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Witty, amusing and a bit weird, you're welcomed
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Cougar/Mountain Lion/Puma ~ The Puma spirit
represents power, grace and stealth in
darkness, but its real power lies in the
silence of its eerie, unblinking stare that
seems to bore deep into one's soul. This
teaching can help us to discover the benefits
of concentration, deep contemplation and
prayer. As we peer into the darkness of the
unknown to feel its power, we can be guided by
our puma friend to the light on the other side.
The puma is extremely quiet during the hunt.
It knows when to be invisible and when to make
its awesome presence known. Silence is its
sword and power. Silence is highly respected
among American Indians and is seen as a holy
state of consciousness as we quietly behold the
grace and glory of the Creator. It is said
that silence speaks words of the Great Mystery.
When the student is ready, the puma teacher may
bring knowledge of this powerful medicine.
Cougar/Mountain Lion/Puma's Wisdom Includes:

Using leadership power wisely and without ego

Balancing power, intention, strength

Gaining self-confidence

Freedom from guilt


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So, that's my main character. He only got a 26 on the Mary Sue/Gary Stu litmus test, so I'm going to assume he's alright. But any feedback is appreciated.

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